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new member (lets share the sungmin love~)

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1 new member (lets share the sungmin love~) on Wed Jan 23, 2008 7:07 am


안녕하세요! 저는 민해예요~! :affraid:
⭐ Hello everyone! I actually found about this forum through an Email?
I think the admin. sent it to me
asking to be a mod o_o
but i never got a reply;
anywho...i joined (because sungmin is one of my fav members :D)
and i hope to be active around here!

Name: Naomi; 文文 (wenwen or wenshi); 우민해 (woo minhae) <--- you can call me the last one
Age: 14 years old :face:
촣아(Likes): music; art; reading;
싫어 (dislikes): annoying people (not really: =/ i myself am annoying sometimes); finals week at school
socializing at dinner parties
hobbies: writing, singing, and just started some c-walking (its hard though :pale:)
fav people: 박태준;심창민;이승리;최종훈;이혁수;김희철;이혁재;이성민 (should i translate that? :| )

Some people I enjoy listening to are Clazziquai, Epik High, Joo and Younha (if you havent heard of them; check their music out! its fab :P)
Other times i like experimenting with photoshop, so i might post some of my graphics here,
i also have this weird obsession with 얼짱's ^o^/ unofficially married to 박태준
if anyone is interested i am chinese/cantonese, which means im from HK and currently studying korean
(would anyone care to practice with me? ㅎㅎㅎ jk) My title says "Hello, my name is minhae"
by the way; great job to the coders of this forum! (the emoticons are so cute! 👅 :bounce:

these aren't recent x_x ...actually from two years ago
apologies; i grew a fear of selcaming for a while :silent:
ill update with new pictures next month (new camera whoohoo~!)

hehe i think thats enough rambling
친구는 이자?
(Let's be friends!)

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2 Re: new member (lets share the sungmin love~) on Thu Jan 24, 2008 1:57 pm lizryan....

WOW.. u know korean very well...

i just understand and know how to write....haha

i can translate that....[ 박태준;심창민;이승리;최종훈;이혁수;김희철;이혁재;이성민]
IT SAYS: Park Tae Jun , Shim Chang Min , Lee Seung Ri , Choi Jong Hun , Lee Hyuk Soo , Kim Hee Chul , LEE SUNG MIN!!

Am i right???

Ok..Im 15 this year....

live in malaysia....

HAPPY to knoe u too....

HAPPY to have u...

AND 친구는 이자?

hope to see u more in this forum!!!


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3 Re: new member (lets share the sungmin love~) on Fri Jan 25, 2008 6:38 am


whee a reply ! ^o^
nice to meet you lizryan!
and yep your translations are right xD
i have a question though o-o
how do i make my signature appear after posts? o-o
hope to see you around the forum too!

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