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1 RULES on Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:23 pm


Everything has rules and i hope u guys could follow them ^^;;
they are'nt that hard..

and AALLL the rules will have this kind of "consenquence"
1st violation - PM warning
2nd Violation - another PM warning
3rd violation - BANNED

1. This forum is for sungmin & super junior fans ONLY do not join unless you are a fan.. i mean whats the point of joining?

2. NO BASHING! - when i say NO BASHING! i mean no. seriously.. if u dislike an artist or member keep it to yourself, everyone have feeling to you know.

3. NO SPAMMING - which means dont reply by just smilies or just 5 words..
when you reply you must have more that 8 words in it.

4. Reply in English or Malaysian [this is a malaysian forum right]

5. D0 nOt TyP3 L!k3 Th!$! - this is very annoying.. and members will have a hard time reading it.

6.All signatures CANNOT exceed the size of 400x150 px.
You are only allowed to have the maximum of 3 banners.
Blinkies are also considered 1.
if you break it..
this is your consenquence

7. NO STEALING - do not take out anything including pictures, videos, etc. unless you ask the person who uploaded them + credit them

6. Be kind to members and have fun~!

thats all for the rules ^^
hope you follow them

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