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[Tutorial] How To make a banner blinkies

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1 [Tutorial] How To make a banner blinkies on Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:20 pm

A. Hi all^^ Im here to teach u all “How to make banner with blinkies”
B. Since some of them like my blinkies artwork …Im willing to teach u guys!
C. Hope that you all understand^^
1.Open Adobe Photoshop. Then click File>New>300x100
2.Then add texture
[im using this]
3. Paste a picture. [Put some brushes if u want]
[Im using this]

4. Will be like this
5. Add text. Separate the text .

6. Sent it to ImageReady

7. Then you will go to Image Ready .

8. Making it blink.

9. When duplicate a frame u can choose to see the text that u 1 by clicking the eye as shown above.
10. Click play to see how it blinks.
11. When you are finish click File> Save Optimized As [SAVED] or press CTRL+SHIFT +ALT+S
12. Mine will be like this.

If you don’t understand tell me^^
Next tutorial will be making blinkies!


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2 Re: [Tutorial] How To make a banner blinkies on Fri Apr 25, 2008 3:06 am


Thanks for the tutorial! Hope I have time to try it tonight yay

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