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RULES of this forum , Updated 050608

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1 RULES of this forum , Updated 050608 on Thu Jun 05, 2008 11:09 pm

Rules new

01. Labelled correctly

  • [Pics] 060508 Kiss The Radio
  • [Pics] 6/5 Kiss The Radio

02. Always credit all your sources and also onlysungmin

03. Always upload pictures onto your own server (free ones include imageshack, photobucket, and freeshare).

04. Thanks the person for sharing pics.
05. If “DO NOT TAKE OUT OF onlysungmin ” is at the top of a thread,
please do not take the pics out. Respect our wishes that they not be
shared anywhere else.

06.NO BASHING! - when i say NO BASHING! i mean no. seriously.. if u
dislike an artist or member keep it to yourself.

07. NO SPAMMING - which means dont reply by just smilies or just 5 words..
when you reply you must have more that 8 words in it.

08. D0 nOt TyP3 L!k3 Th!$! - this is very annoying.. and members will have a hard time reading it.

09.All signatures CANNOT exceed the size of 400x150 px.
You are only allowed to have the maximum of 3 banners.
Blinkies are also considered 1.


by, onlySMadmin


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